The Faces of Dwarfism

Don’t Look Down On Me
This video is about what a day in a life of a man with dwarfism (Jonathan Novick) is like. What part of their day do you want to be?

1173658_10151874795990549_75820424_nMeredith Eaton2015-04-16 20.58.30  1238267_10151874796095549_1668451214_n 1380518_762196393806573_1326122220_n 1240425_10151874796385549_2076765734_n 1378270_10151874796570549_908571994_n 954843_10151874798045549_183883448_n peter dinklage  1380559_10151874800330549_1596041628_n 1378465_10151874796020549_146693115_n 1380078_10151874800315549_1077273298_n Zels 1379994_10151874796490549_1932283489_n 1380549_10151874795895549_226025785_n 1382181_10151874795940549_1800041457_n received_m_mid.1380447616368:ba7d32023a8d6b8d91_01382357_10151874796535549_1771180633_n  1238369_10151874795915549_1963104021_n  Mia20130419_093216

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